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(The 9 Best Faith Based Subscription Boxes for Christians)

These faith-based subscription gift boxes are curated specially for Christians and Catholics to live, learn, and flourish in their spirituality. Celebrate the same values you cherish every day: faith family, joy, and charitable acts! Check out these gifts that strengthen and encourage your faith all year long!

Devotions Delivered helps you share God’s message with others, as Mark 16:15 aimed to do. Every month subscribers will receive 4 photography postcards (5×7) with 4 different bibles verses from a different location in the world. With complimentary U.S postcard postage included, they make it easy to send inspiring thoughts.

A Year of Boxes

(Minnesota Faith Collection)

This is our first time reviewing Devotions Delivered.  It is so nice to see more faith boxes on the market!  It looks like Devotions Delivered has been running for a little while now.  Their website is very user friendly and beautifully designed!  The review of a subscription box doesn’t just start with what you receive in the mail, it can start from the website!  I’m feeling a little impressed with the presentation of Devotions Delivered already!

What a simple and beautiful box!  I do hobby photography outside of the blog, so I can really appreciate the photo centre of this box.  Each postcard is already fitted with a stamp and ready for posting!  These stamps are specific to the US, so they will not work in Canada unfortunately.  I loved all the verses included on the cards and appreciated that they didn’t overwhelm the images themselves.  I already feel a little more peaceful looking through these cards and reading the verses!  I’m a huge fan of letters and post, so this box is a real hit with me!  I do find faith boxes can get a little bit cheesy, but Devotions Delivered is just an honest and beautiful representation of faith and creation! Loved.


Hello Subscription

(Maryland Faith Collection)

The Devotions Delivered team of photographers travel throughout the world and share their amazing shots with subscribers. This month’s photographer was Nissa Benjamin who shared these lovely images of the Potomac River in Maryland.

In all of its darkness, it reminds us that God is there, even though we cannot see him now. The included inspiration sheet (blue page at the end of these images) encourages us via this image that even in our darkest times we should hold on to faith, as God promises us that the dark times are temporary and the sun will rise again. The collection continues to cover different aspects of faith, from finding your way in life, and learning how to follow God’s lead. The inspiration sheet also covered how the sky is the limit, and putting your faith in God helps you see the world in a new way. It helps you find flight when before you were grounded. The sheet also said “God wanted us to be still and appreciate the blessings that are coming.” The reflections of the photographer on this month’s collection were touching and made me happy to see how God’s work and a personal passion can be blended together to share a positive message with the world.

This subscription is wonderful to send to someone in need of a monthly pick-me up. Or to yourself so you can benefit by reading the contents, then spread the love to those you care about.

Lauren Toews

(Maryland Love Collection)

Our words are powerful. It's so important to remember that.  I believe it's important to think before you speak (still working on that one) and to choose your words carefully. But I think it's equally important to encourage each other by speaking words affirmation, love and truth to one another. So often we hold ourselves back because we assume the other person knows how we feel, or we're just scared of making things feel uncomfortable.
It's so important to call out the good we see in people. When I worked in the music industry I had a great manager. One of the most pivotal moments in my career was when she told me I was good at the work I was doing. It was so simple (she probably doesn't even remember saying it!) but it meant so much to me. As much as I doubt myself, hearing those words created a change in my heart. I started to believe that I was doing a good job and it made me want to be even better.  We need to speak the beautiful things we see more often. You never know how much of an impact they may make.

One of my best friends is really great at sending physical mail to encourage the ones she loves! Every time I receive a letter from her it brightens my day so much. There's something about receiving a piece of mail that isn't a bill or junk! I want to put speaking words of truth, affirmation and love into practice, so I'm making it a goal to send more mail to my loved ones!

This month I teamed up with Devotions Delivered - a postcard subscription company - to send a few of my loved ones encouraging notes. Each postcard has Bible verse and a stamp already on it. Such a cute idea! It was a fun way to say hello, speaks words of affirmation, and encourage my friends.

Peachy Keen Reviews

(Austria Love Collection)

Devotions Delivered comes in a thick, cardboard envelope to protect the photos inside. I love how compact this packaging is because it fits right into my mailbox! Inside of the envelope, the photos are wrapped in paper with a gorgeous fake plant tied to them. I love how caring the packaging is! On the opposite side of the photos is an attached note. The note is a thank you note for subscribing to the box! This is a personalized note from the owner of the box, Nissa, and I love how she wrote a note specifically to me. It makes me feel good to know how personalized this box is. Once I took the paper off of the photos, I was happy to see that they were protected further! Nissa puts so much care into the packaging of the photos, and I love how much love she sends to the subscriber through her box.

The inside letter introduces this month’s guest photographer, Alibrandi Dawn!  Devotions Delivered features guest photographers to give the subscriber a wide variety of photography collections. The letter also comes with in-depth descriptions of each of the photos included. There is also a biography listed for Alibrandi Dawn. The first photo included is a postcard called “Focus Flower”. The description for the photo discusses how in some cities it is hard to find greenery, but how greenery is everywhere in Austria.  It also says that this photo represents a man-made building, as well as the God-made flower. It is supposed to remind the viewer to always be grateful for whatever God brings them because man-made things do not last. I love this!  It helps to keep our purpose in check. The second photo is called “Salzach River”. The description that goes with this photo reflects how the photographer looks at these homes along the river and becomes joyful at the colorful sight.  The photo is supposed to remind the viewer about how God looks down on us and loves us more than we could ever love each other.  This photograph is full of love, and it radiates right off of the postcard! The third photo is called “Famous Fountain”.  This fountain was used in The Sound of Music when Maria is singing “I Have Confidence in Me”.  The photographer says that the photo reminds her of Christ’s everlasting love since the fountain never stops running.  She also talks about how she has confidence in Christ to provide for her since His love is everlasting.  This is a great reminder of the love that Christ has for us! The last photo is called “Unconditional Love”.  This photo features Palace Leopold, which was used in The Sound of Music for the exterior of the Von Trapp mansion.  I am a huge fan of The Sound of Music, so I love this photo!  The photographer talks about how hard it must have been for Maria in the movie to love seven children that weren’t her own in the beginning of her working at the mansion.  This represents how God loves all of us with unconditional love.  This teaches us to love others as much as God loves us.

Final Thought: I love how Devotions Delivered brings the subscriber a taste of the world, while also connecting back to God.  This brings faith and travel together, and I always feel comforted when I receive this package!  I also love how this box supports photographers and the art that is photography.  If you are in need of a positive boost as well as an escape from your everyday life, then Devotions Delivered is the way to go!  

Littles and Life

(Bimini Love Collection)

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” - Susan Sontag

I have always loved to travel. I didn’t get to much as a kid because my parents didn’t love to travel. But when I did travel, even if it was just to the next state, I was filled with so much passion to explore. I want to see and know of other places other than my home. There’s so much world and beauty that God created, and I want to see it all. Kyle and I made a decision a long time ago that no matter happened in a year, we had to take two vacations (small or big) each year: one just us, and one as a family. We want to see, and we want our children to see, too. That’s one of the many reasons I love Devotions Delivered.

Nissa, owner of Devotions Delivered, explores. When she explores, she takes photos. She takes photos of the most beautiful places in the world. She then creates a post card with that photo, links them with a verse from the Bible, and writes a short summary of how that place in the world resonates with a lesson that we can learn from. How amazing is that? So not only do we get to “travel” to a beautiful place right from our own home, but we get to learn from it, too. 

The other best part? It's already stamped. Once we see, read, and learn, we can send that encouragement to someone else that we love. With Devotions Delivered, you will “travel” to 4 different places each month. You will receive 4 postcards in the mail, each complete with a Bible verse and devotional.  

Hippie Princess Laura

(Bimini Love Collection)

The Box Reviewers

(Bimini Love Collection)

Devotions Delivered arrives in a simple cardboard envelope with the logo on the front.  I like how sturdy the packing is because it makes sure that the postcards don't bend! This month, the postcards are wrapped in green tissue paper with fisherman's netting surrounding them.  I love this nautical touch!  It feels like the postcards came straight from the ocean. The package also comes with a small card that tells more about the mission of Devotions Delivered.  It is nice to know what Devotions Delivered is all about, and I love the small business feel of the message. Once the tissue paper is taken off, the postcards are wrapped in a plastic sleeve for added protection. This sleeve is also great to keep your cards stored in if you want to preserve them!

The first print is this gorgeous photo of one of the beaches in Bimini, part of the Bahamas.  I really like the quote that goes along with this picture, and it takes me right back to the ocean! The card comes with a full description of the photo from the photographer, Nissa Benjamin. The back of the postcard is also prestamped and displays the name of the photographer. The next photo takes place in Bimini as well. I love this picture of the sky, and it fits well with the quote! This photo also includes a description of the photograph from the photographer.  The descriptions help you to connect to the photographs better! I love the Bible verse that goes along with this photo.  The ocean is so calming, and I look forward to hanging this up in my house! I will also be keeping the descriptions that come with each photo since they give the artwork such meaning.  The descriptions make the postcards a one of a kind experience. The last photo is this gorgeous nautical image.  The bible verse fits perfectly with the image, and I love how unique the photograph is!

Final Note: I love how unique Devotions Delivered is!  You can't find the photographs anywhere else, and the art is beautiful.  If you love photography with a touch of faith, then this subscription is perfect for you.

Kaci Nicole

(California Love Collection)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s the day of love, and I hope this little corner of the internet can bring a little extra to yours. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of kindness.  It’s sometimes seen as fluff—nice to have, but not one of the important qualities, one that truly matters. But that’s not true.

Truth is, we never know what people are going through—what hurts are being held down, hiding beneath the surface of a smile.  Kindness, when given at the right moment, can serve as salve to the soul.  It transforms a landscape of damage, defeat, and defensiveness, to one where tender spots are tended to. In every interaction we have, we have the opportunity to either fill the heart-buckets of others a few drops, or poke little holes, draining them out from underneath.  Choosing to define our interactions by kind and uplifting comments, by the generous giving of love and words that bring life—it has the potential to prompt a ripple effect beyond what we can imagine. Picture a pretty little purple bloom. Like any plant, there are a few things it needs—sunlight, nutrients, water. With these in place, it is free to flourish, to blossom fully and beautifully. A healthy plant, when it receives enough water, undergoes something called transpiration. This is the process by which water moves from the plant’s roots, to small pores on the underside of its leaves where it then transforms to vapor and vanishes into the atmosphere. Essentially, plants are designed to release the water they receive.

But as this girl (with neither green thumbs nor the ability to keep a succulent alive) will tell you, things don’t always go according to design.  Plants don’t always receive enough water and when they don’t, the process of transpiration ceases to occur.  In this case, instead of releasing water, the pretty little purple bloom begins to retain it, unsure of when its next supply may come. I don’t think us humans are so different from those pretty little purple blooms.  We were created with needs—the need to be loved chief among those.  In God’s perfect design, we were meant to release love onto those around us as a byproduct of the love we’ve first received.

“We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19, ESV).

But again, things don’t always go according to design.  We don’t always receive what we need, whether it be an actual absence of love, or perceived.  And when this happens, just like the pretty little purple bloom, we lose our ability to release.  We begin to retain the love we do have, resistant towards giving it away because we’re fearful of not having enough. When we choose to be intentional about pouring love and kindness into others, not only are we filling their heart-buckets, we are also enabling them to fill the heart-buckets of those around them. In celebration of today’s holiday, I thought it would be fun to issue a little challenge here, and see what sort of ripple effect we might be able to start.  Below are three simple ways to spread a little love and bring brightness to someone’s day.  I dare you to do at least one—you never know what it might mean to the person you choose!

As for me, I’m adding in a fourth way to spread a little love.  Today’s blog post is featuring a unique product called Devotions Delivered.  Founded with the mission of spreading the message of God’s love, Devotions Delivered makes postcards from the work of traveling photographers, each with a message meant to inspire and encourage the person who receives it.  I LOVE that it’s a creative way of supporting and showcasing the work of photographers, while also encouraging the person who receives the postcard. I have four of these beautiful postcards from the California Love Collection, and I’d love to send one out to YOU with a handwritten note.  If you’d like one, just leave a comment at the end of this post with your email address, and I’ll reach out to you to get your mailing address, along with any specifics you’d like to share on how I can encourage and/or pray for you—the postcards will go to the first four comments.

Wherever this Valentine’s Day may find you, I pray that you would know LOVE Himself, and that His love would fill your heart and spill over into the lives of those around you.

Hello Subscription

(New Zealand Faith Collection)

I received their Faith Collection ($9.99) this month, which explores a look at faith via nature. As you can see in the photo above, the cards arrived well protected in a thick cardboard envelope and were nicely wrapped once I opened up the outer packaging. The wrapping on the outside Set the stage with a tree-like decoration, and select words on Faith. This month’s photos were taken by guest photographer Hannah Tan. Each of the cards has a scripture on it and the pack also includes quick notes by the photographer about the location where the photo was taken. The postcards are 5X7 photos of excellent quality printed on nice and thick postcard stock. Each includes a bible verse and is stamped to help spread God’s word and encouragement. You can keep them for yourself to enjoy for a bit, or address them to a friend as soon as they come in. This service is great for those who want a monthly reminder of the beauty in this world, the role God plays in making it as amazing as it is, and a gentle nudge to keep in touch with loved ones near and far. Not only are you reminded, but you get to pay it forward to those you care about. Remember, with God, all things are possible!

The Traveling Sisterhood

(Egypt Love Collection)

In December, I had the wonderful blessing of receiving my first subscription packet of Devotions Delivered... and these stories and pictures touched my heart! Every month, the artist sends you (or a friend) a collection of beautiful 4 (5x7) prints paired with scriptures and an inspiring devotional. I loved the presentation! The devotional pairings came wrapped so beautifully. The devotions are meant to be read once a week, but of course you could read one a day, or even all in one fell swoop for a nice dose of encouragement. They're wonderful in the early morning with nice cup of hot tea and prayer time with my savior. The postcards for each devotion are uniquely captured photos paired with verses that compliment them perfectly. The devotions are filled with hope and promise. The photographer and writer are one in the same; God seems to inspire her with just the right things to say to touch our hearts...This was the first one I read and the story captured me. I just had to read more! I read them all at once, and then thought of them more throughout the next week. I especially love this verse: "Let the morning bring me work of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life." The prints include US postcard postage included which I thought was a nice touch. They're ready to write on and drop in the mail so you can spread His message of love to whichever friend or loved one pops into your mind as you read and pray.

Subscription Box Junkie

(California Faith Collection)

Meghan Powell

(California Faith Collection)

Subscription Box Family

(California Faith Collection)

Devotions Delivered is a Subscription Box of Christian Prints and Postcards delivered monthly. Devotions Delivered is $7.99 a month with free shipping. Even less if you sign up longer. You choose between the Faith Collection or Love Collection. Everyone receives the same items, depending on which subscription you sign up for. This month California was featured. Since I live in California I’m especially excited to see it featured! It is a beautiful place. The photography is beautiful! You can totally frame these as well. All the cards come stamped and ready to send. FYI: you can choose not to have US postage on the cards for international mailing. The pictures are just as beautiful as the message. And I think  $7.99 for 4 ready to ship postcards is definitely a great value. If you decide not to frame them!

She Is Blank Space

(California Love Collection)

This next gift idea by Devotions Delivered compiles several of my favorite things: post cards + high quality images + travel + inspiration. Each set comes with 4 cards ready with postage for you to send to your loved ones and friends. Along with your message to the recipient, there's always a verse based around the chosen collection to further inspire. The photographer has hand picked images from their favorite places to travel all over the world and includes a little description for you in each collection about what each location means to them. There is nothing like knowing you've been thought of and this will put a little pep in their step. Giving this as a gift to someone means you get to be part of the blessing as they send them on. 

A Hopeful Hood  

(California Faith Collection)  

This is a super creative subscription gift that any Christian friend would love. You order a certain collection and Nissa, the shop's creator, sends you beautiful, PRE-STAMPED postcards that have really pretty scenery and verses on them. Then, you can either keep the pretty postcards or send them to friends, since they're already stamped and ready to go! You don't have to order a subscription, either. Feel free to just order a pack of her pretty postcards! 

A Little Blog By Faith Inspired 

(California Faith Collection)

They have a beautiful Christian prints & postcards from all over the world, a monthly subscription plan, a tithing section, & more! Definitely sign up for discounts & freebies :) Their site is super cute btw so go explore. They sent me their Faith Collection;) I prefer the KJV (Kings James Version) for personal beliefs, but you can always write it behind the postcard:) But, it is absolutely beautiful! 

I'm Not a Tree Reviews

(California Love Collection)   

Our first glimpse inside the Devotions Delivered Subscription. It is so beautifully packaged! Everything that we received in our Devotions Delivered Subscription. There are four beautiful pre-postaged postcards! This is the "Love" set. Our box insert comes in the form of a little note explaining that this month's package has postcards from California and all it's beautiful scenic views. A beautiful biblical passage against a gorgeous rocky landscape. A reminder that in life it may not always be easy following the way... but it is so worth it! The back of each postcard looks like this. As you can see each has postage already on it- so start spreading the love as soon as your Devotions Delivered arrives!  A beautiful sentiment! This postcard has a gorgeous flower on it and makes the perfect postcard to just shoot to a friend to say hi! Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this!? Our favorite of all of the postcards is this beautiful serene view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We love that there's no land just the still water with the sun casting it's beautiful light down upon it! This is definitely our favorite passage included on the cards that we received. It's a bright message and encourages love and kindness! The pretty wildflowers in the background create an interesting and captivating image as well! So in summary...Since we know going into this subscription exactly what we're getting we can't break this down our usual way. But we can say that this package is presented excellently and beautifully. We love that they use a bend proof envelope that ensures that the postcards arrive undamaged and the images and passages are stunning! Great as a gift for anyone in your life who sends mail or enjoys beautiful photographs.