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Hello Subscription

(New Zealand Faith Collection)

I received their Faith Collection ($9.99) this month, which explores a look at faith via nature. As you can see in the photo above, the cards arrived well protected in a thick cardboard envelope and were nicely wrapped once I opened up the outer packaging. The wrapping on the outside Set the stage with a tree-like decoration, and select words on Faith. This month’s photos were taken by guest photographer Hannah Tan. Each of the cards has a scripture on it and the pack also includes quick notes by the photographer about the location where the photo was taken. The postcards are 5X7 photos of excellent quality printed on nice and thick postcard stock. Each includes a bible verse and is stamped to help spread God’s word and encouragement. You can keep them for yourself to enjoy for a bit, or address them to a friend as soon as they come in. This service is great for those who want a monthly reminder of the beauty in this world, the role God plays in making it as amazing as it is, and a gentle nudge to keep in touch with loved ones near and far. Not only are you reminded, but you get to pay it forward to those you care about. Remember, with God, all things are possible!

The Traveling Sisterhood

(Egypt Love Collection)

In December, I had the wonderful blessing of receiving my first subscription packet of Devotions Delivered... and these stories and pictures touched my heart! Every month, the artist sends you (or a friend) a collection of beautiful 4 (5x7) prints paired with scriptures and an inspiring devotional. I loved the presentation! The devotional pairings came wrapped so beautifully. The devotions are meant to be read once a week, but of course you could read one a day, or even all in one fell swoop for a nice dose of encouragement. They're wonderful in the early morning with nice cup of hot tea and prayer time with my savior. The postcards for each devotion are uniquely captured photos paired with verses that compliment them perfectly. The devotions are filled with hope and promise. The photographer and writer are one in the same; God seems to inspire her with just the right things to say to touch our hearts...This was the first one I read and the story captured me. I just had to read more! I read them all at once, and then thought of them more throughout the next week. I especially love this verse: "Let the morning bring me work of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life." The prints include US postcard postage included which I thought was a nice touch. They're ready to write on and drop in the mail so you can spread His message of love to whichever friend or loved one pops into your mind as you read and pray.

Subscription Box Family

(California Faith Collection)

Devotions Delivered is a Subscription Box of Christian Prints and Postcards delivered monthly. Devotions Delivered is $7.99 a month with free shipping. Even less if you sign up longer. You choose between the Faith Collection or Love Collection. Everyone receives the same items, depending on which subscription you sign up for. This month California was featured. Since I live in California I’m especially excited to see it featured! It is a beautiful place. The photography is beautiful! You can totally frame these as well. All the cards come stamped and ready to send. FYI: you can choose not to have US postage on the cards for international mailing. The pictures are just as beautiful as the message. And I think  $7.99 for 4 ready to ship postcards is definitely a great value. If you decide not to frame them!

She Is Blank Space

(California Love Collection)

This next gift idea by Devotions Delivered compiles several of my favorite things: post cards + high quality images + travel + inspiration. Each set comes with 4 cards ready with postage for you to send to your loved ones and friends. Along with your message to the recipient, there's always a verse based around the chosen collection to further inspire. The photographer has hand picked images from their favorite places to travel all over the world and includes a little description for you in each collection about what each location means to them. There is nothing like knowing you've been thought of and this will put a little pep in their step. Giving this as a gift to someone means you get to be part of the blessing as they send them on. 

A Hopeful Hood  

(California Faith Collection)  

This is a super creative subscription gift that any Christian friend would love. You order a certain collection and Nissa, the shop's creator, sends you beautiful, PRE-STAMPED postcards that have really pretty scenery and verses on them. Then, you can either keep the pretty postcards or send them to friends, since they're already stamped and ready to go! You don't have to order a subscription, either. Feel free to just order a pack of her pretty postcards! 

A Little Blog By Faith Inspired 

(California Faith Collection)

They have a beautiful Christian prints & postcards from all over the world, a monthly subscription plan, a tithing section, & more! Definitely sign up for discounts & freebies :) Their site is super cute btw so go explore. They sent me their Faith Collection;) I prefer the KJV (Kings James Version) for personal beliefs, but you can always write it behind the postcard:) But, it is absolutely beautiful! 

I'm Not a Tree Reviews

(California Love Collection)   

Our first glimpse inside the Devotions Delivered Subscription. It is so beautifully packaged! Everything that we received in our Devotions Delivered Subscription. There are four beautiful pre-postaged postcards! This is the "Love" set. Our box insert comes in the form of a little note explaining that this month's package has postcards from California and all it's beautiful scenic views. A beautiful biblical passage against a gorgeous rocky landscape. A reminder that in life it may not always be easy following the way... but it is so worth it! The back of each postcard looks like this. As you can see each has postage already on it- so start spreading the love as soon as your Devotions Delivered arrives!  A beautiful sentiment! This postcard has a gorgeous flower on it and makes the perfect postcard to just shoot to a friend to say hi! Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this!? Our favorite of all of the postcards is this beautiful serene view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We love that there's no land just the still water with the sun casting it's beautiful light down upon it! This is definitely our favorite passage included on the cards that we received. It's a bright message and encourages love and kindness! The pretty wildflowers in the background create an interesting and captivating image as well! So in summary...Since we know going into this subscription exactly what we're getting we can't break this down our usual way. But we can say that this package is presented excellently and beautifully. We love that they use a bend proof envelope that ensures that the postcards arrive undamaged and the images and passages are stunning! Great as a gift for anyone in your life who sends mail or enjoys beautiful photographs.