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It's all about spreading His message

A little about why we started

Mark 16:15

My name is Nissa and I'm a professional photographer for over 15 years. In my travels around the world, I've seen many wonderful things and visited some amazing places. Places that could make your eyes instantly cry, heart grow beyond capacity and soul hopeful at the beauty you are witnessing. Only one word can describe these places, GOD. 

Myself, along with a team of faith photographers, are now sharing these experiences with you every month and pairing them with scriptures to help encourage you in your walk with God.

One thing many travelers do is send postcards to loved ones. Mark 16:15 says we are to share His message with others, so on the back of each photo is a postcard you can send to inspire and encourage someone else. In addition, each quarter we tithe 10% of our profits to a church or non-profit organization, chosen by our DD Explorers.

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Thank you for visiting us and God Bless!

Nissa Benjamin

Collections: California, Egypt, New York, Bimini

Hannah Tan

Collection: New Zealand

Hi, I’m Hannah, a Youth Leader and Blogger from New Zealand. I started blogging in the beginning of 2016, after we’d been running a Tansquared Youth Ministry for just over a year. I wanted to be a voice of encouragement for ministry volunteers and share our journey to inspire others. I have a heart for volunteer leaders, especially those leading a small Youth Ministry. I truly believe you can have a rockin’ ministry no matter how small! I also think it’s important to have a creative outlet- we serve a creative God and he’s given us each a beautiful creative side! Personally, I love DIY, sewing, art, and I’ve been getting into photography this year, too. I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with Nissa on this New Zealand collection! For more information on Hannah Tan and her ministry visit the TanSquared Youth Ministry Website

Veronica Lopez

Collection: Florida

Born in Cuba and adopted by the United States of America when I was 19 years old I grew up mesmerized by the sea, sunsets and sunrises and the lush beauty of the tropics. I learned from an early age to appreciate nature and the incredible privilege that is feeling the wind in your face seating under the swaying palm trees.  Both my parents loved nature and pointed out to me from an early age the beauty of every little leave and flower including the flowers blooming from the weeds.  One of my earliest memories is looking down to a valley full of small fragrant white blossoms, the Aguinaldo blooms covering the fields during late December and early January, it was the snow of my island, that is how deep they were.  With my mother I learned the name of the stars and to play at guessing what God was creating playing with the clouds.  I began taking pictures very early, with my make belief camera...capturing these images I still carry with me.  For many years it laid dormant, this desire to capture the beauty of our universe.  Then my mother developed senile dementia, lost her speech, this woman who carried me into the world of beauty could not accompany me anymore to the seaside, the woods, the parks, picking shells by the beach....I began taking pictures in an attempt to capture what she could not see, showing them to her in my phone or the computer, hoping she knew what I was trying to do, but at the same time thinking that perhaps one day, I like her may lose my memories and my pictures, images captured for my best friend, would remind me of how lucky I am to have seen and noticed the gifts we are given on a daily basis. To see more from Veronica Lopez follow her on Instagram

Alibrandi Dawn

Collection: Austria

I am an avid adventurer, writer, musician, and photographer capturing my adventures in words and photos. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I have always appreciated the unique beauty of God’s creation through the camera lens. From an early age roaming the backyard with a polaroid, to backpacking Europe with my DSLR, I’ve lived my life with a camera in hand.  I was homeschooled and am currently a Liberty University Online student.  Most of my work is simply special moments preserved in the form of photographs and I love how it always seems to find its own way from my memories to the hearts of photography admirers around the world. Visit Alibrandi's website to see more of her work and inspiring words.